Relieve the stress of talking about your family's health.

Taking care of someone? We've got your back.

Prime pulls all the medical records and family members you need into one place.

Full health history, real-time updates, and best of all: no manual entry required.

Secure messaging to keep everyone on the same page.

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  1. Message your family about their health. Keep it secure.

    Replace text messaging, email, and technical phone calls with Prime. When your family members read your messages they can also see the relevant health information—pulled directly from the medical record.
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  2. Instantly get all your family's health info. From all their doctors.

    Prime currently supports over 1,000 health care providers—and we're adding more every day. Find your family members', connect with a little bit of information we'll help you get, and Prime will gather their medical record.
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  3. All your family's health info in one place. Always up to date.

    Medications, lab results, appointments, everything your family's doctor sees on her clipboard in one app. Even better, Prime will collect this info from all of your providers and keep it up to date for you.
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  4. Connect with your family members. Wherever they are.

    No matter where your family is you can chat with them in Prime. Stay up to date on their health in iPhone, Apple Watch, and web.

Prime can collect your medical records from over
two thousand different hospitals & clinics.

Learn how people use Prime:

  • Patricia

    Patricia uses Prime to help her manage her diabetes.

    Especially when she was first diagnosed, Patricia was struggling to understand everything her doctor said. She needed to carry information between specialists, she started using Prime to make sure her info was always with her, and even more importantly, to make sure her family knew the details of her appointments.

  • Joe

    Joseph uses Prime to let his family know about his chemo.

    Joseph is going in for chemo and everyone in his entire family wants to know how it's going. After an appointment he is too tired to call everyone, so he uses Prime to both collect his health records from that day, and to easily share them with his family.

  • Mallorie

    Mallorie tracks her son's immunizations and braces.

    Mallorie works full time and needs to make sure Charlie is set for the next few years at school. She set her whole family up with Prime and whenever she needs to fill out paperwork for Charlie, she just glances at Prime to check the dates of his immunizations and appointments.

  • Tony

    Tony uses Prime to manage his parents complicated medication lists.

    Tony and his brothers and sisters take care of their parents—Prime helps them all stay on the same page with every new medication, lab result, and diagnosis that comes in. Even better: whenever Tony, or one of his siblings, takes their parents to a new appointment they can focus on what the doctor is saying while Prime updates the medical record for them.

  1. Lite


    Perfect for people who go to one healthcare provider

  2. Notifications when new health info is available
  3. Connect to family members
  4. 1 provider connection
  5. Select
  1. Plus


    For people who go to multiple healthcare providers

  2. Notifications when new health info is available
  3. Connect to family members
  4. Unlimited provider connections
  5. Priority support
  6. Concierge setup
  7. Select
  1. Managed Plus

    $9 each/month

    For people who manage a family member's health info

  2. Notifications when your family member has new health info available
  3. Connect to family members
  4. Unlimited provider connections
  5. Priority support
  6. Concierge setup
  7. Available soon!

  8. Email for early access